In these uncertain times, it's important to have 100% confidence in the products you are buying and the company you are buying them from. At TOGO from La Petite Bouchée we want to assure you that we have taken advice from the government, EHO North Devon, Taste of The West, Trading Standards and my learned colleagues who run or cook in award winning business' across the west country.


Over the top? We don't think so. Labelling, safely handling and cooking food during this extraordinary time has got to be scrutinised, checks over an above the ones we already adopt is of paramount importance. 

We use the Safer Food Better Business For Caters model and during our recent inspection by N.Devon EHO we were given very good for our records and safe food handling management system.


The safety of our customers is of paramount importance and not something we have ever taken lightly. We can now confirm the following: 

  1. Only one person is handling and cooking TOGO food. Chef/Patron Anita-Clare Field 

  2. All the ingredients have come from our very reputable suppliers, ones we already use for the restaurant. Shapland and Searle, Celtic Fish and Game, Thorne's Farm Shop

  3. All meals are frozen the day they are made, they are all dated 

  4. We have provided clear instructions on how to reheat each meal.

  5. We have also indicated how long each meal can be kept in the freezer for.

  6. All meals are cooked from scratch with out any additives or preservatives 

  7. All vegetarian meals are also vegan 

  8. All allergens will be listed on labels. When ordering meals either through us or one of our stockists please indicate if you are gluten or dairy intolerant. Where we can we will use dairy and gluten free ingredients. Or if you order in advance we will cook meals especially for your dietary requirements